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Weait - Bassoon Warm-Ups. Second Edition (2010)

The humourous cover has stayed on the music since it was first published by June Emerson.
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The BASSOON WARM-UPS emphasize legato playing – the basis for good tone, good pitch, good coordination and surprisingly, good articulation. In addition to warming up your ear, they gradually expand your range, breathing endurance, dynamic levels and rhythmic awareness. Doing the warm ups every time you play will build confidence and reduce stress. After you become familiar with them, it will take less than 10 minutes to play them all.


Weait - Bassoon Reed Making: An Illustrated Basic Method

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Lavishly illustrated with over 150 photographs to demonstrate every step. Reed is made from gouged, shaped and profiled (GSP) cane. No expensive tools or complex machinery are required. ISBN: 978-0-9830034-0-3.

This book has been selected as the text for the bassoon studio at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas by Dr. Janis McKay, professor of bassoon.

Unsolicited endorsement:
"Your new reed manual is a model of clarity and completeness. Congratulations! My students will benefit." J.R., California


Weait - Construccion de canas de Fagot: Tecnica Basica

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En Espanol por la primera vez. Traduccion de Eduardo Adrian Rodriguez (Universidad de La Plata Argentina) y Fernando Traba (Mexico y Florida West Coast Symphony). 40 paginas. Fotografias y dibujos.

The first bassoon reed-making book in Spanish. Translated by Eduardo Adrian Rodriguez (University of La Plata, Argentina) and Fernando Traba (Mexico and Florida West Coast Symphony). 40 pages. Illustrated with photographs and drawings.


Weait - Bassoon Intervals for Reading

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The interval patterns are based on the premise that instrumentalists need to know how intervals look in order to improve sight-reading and technical fluency. The patterns are similar to those in "Bassoon Scales for Reading" and make a useful supplement to it. The rhythmic and metric patterns are different in each section. All keys are represented including the enharmonic keys. ISBN: 978-0-9830034-2-7.


Weait - Bassoon Scales for Reading

First page of "Bassoon Scales for Reading".
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These scale and arpeggio patterns are based upon the premise that instrumentalists need to know how scales and arpeggios look in order to be fluent sight-readers and to improve finger technique. They are divided into low, middle and high registers. They progress through the cycle of fourths to include 15 keys, including the enharmonic keys. The high register patterns use tenor and treble clefs. Accidentals are used for each key rather than key signatures. The rhythmic and metric patterns are different in each section.


Weait - Bassoon Strategies for the Next Level

A page from "Bassoon Strageties for the Next Level". Chapter on practicing Mozart's Marriage of Figaro Overture excerpt ("MoF").
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A book for bassoonists seeking motivation for practicing, solutions to playing problems and development as creative, independent musicians. ISBN 978-0-9830034-4-1

* For bassoonists (beyond beginners) but applicable to other wind instrumentalists.
* For professionals and amateurs.
* For bassoon teachers and music educators.

185 pages with musical examples.

" . . . . this one is next to my bed, and more than a few times my wife has "caught" me reading or re-reading sections of it until 1 or 2am."