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Weait - Three Old Carols for Band (11'20)

Page 1 of score to Weait - Carols for Band
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Three Old Carols for Band is a transcription of Christmas Suite for Orchestra [9804] made at the request of Larry Klabunde for performance by the Westerville Concert Band in December, 2016. Three movements are based on historic carols: 1. The London Waits ("Past Three O'Clock on a Cold, Frosty Morning"). 2. Huron Carol (Jesous Ahatonia) attributed to Jean de Brébeuf (1593-1649) and 3. Patapan (attributed to Bernard de la Monnoye 1641 - 1728). The English horn has prominent solos in the second movement.


Weait - Denotations for 12 Unpitched Percussion (5'06)

Page 24 of score to Weait - Denotations for 12 Unpitched Percussion.
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Denotations is a single movement for 12 unpitched percussion instruments based on recurring rhythmic patterns that occur throughout the work. It is scored for castanets, claves, handclaps (2 or more players), triangle, tambourine, temple blocks (5), high, medium and low wood blocks, snare drum, hi-hat and bass drum.


Weait - Drumming Up America! Five Historic Pieces That Shaped Our Nation for rudimental drummers and band (9'30)

Score page Weait - Drumming Up America (end of Downfall of Paris)
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Drumming Up America! is a setting of five historic melodies for rudimental drummers with band accompaniment. It is dedicated to the late Robin Engleman, my much-admired Toronto Symphony colleague. The tunes are: The British Grenadiers, Scotland the Brave, Roslin Castle, The Downfall of Paris and Yankee Doodle. The Downfall of Paris uses the traditional rudimental drum part. Roslin Castle was the traditional funeral march before Chopin's Funeral March became popular.


Weait - Off the Beaten Path. Song Cycle for Voice, Viola and Percussion (14'40)

Score of Weait - Off the Beaten Path Song Cycle No. 7. "The Clock Strikes One" (Emily Dickinson)
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The song cycle "Off the Beaten Path" for Medium Voice, Viola and Percussion was composed in 2015 at the suggestion of the dedicatee, violist Steven Wedell. There are five songs and four instrumental movements: 1. Prelude (Va, Perc, 0'47); 2. Psalm 61[Peterson] (Vce, Va, Perc, 2'09); 3. Solo (Va, 1'43); 4. The Road Not Taken [Frost] (Vce, Va, 3'27); 5. Solo (Perc, 1'23); 6. When Bells Stop Ringing [Dickinson] (Vce, Va, Perc, 1'08); 7. The Clock Strikes One [Dickinson] (Vce, Va, Perc, 1'19); 8. Duo (Va, Perc, 1'43); 9. Psalm 100 [Peterson] (Vce, Va, Perc, 1'30).


Weait - Evening Echoes for 2 oboes or oboe & English horn (1'25)

Page 1 of full score for Weait - Evening Echoes for 2 oboes or oboe & English horn.
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The music depicts two buglers answering each other on a quiet evening before playing taps. The second player could play at some distance from the first. An little piece for Veteran's Day or Memorial Day or memorial service. Full score and parts for all instruments in each set.

This is the pre-printed, paper version of the work. A PDF digital download is also available.


Weait - Sarabande and Scherzo for English horn & Bass Clarinet (5'25)

First score page to Weait - Sarabande for English horn and bass clarinet.
First score page to Weait - Scherzo for english horn & bass clarinet
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Two movements for the not-often-heard duo of English horn and bass clarinet dedicated to the outstanding Robyn Dixon Costa and Anthony J. Costa. Sarabande invokes the historic slow dance form in triple time. The Scherzo has playful treatments of octave doublings with occasional "wrong" notes. The bass clarinet part has alternative pitches for instruments without the extended low range.

This is the pre-printed, paper version of the work. A PDF digital download is also available.