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Weait - Couplets for double reed quartet (1'00)

SKU: [1203A]

A short work was composed for a group of high-school aged double reed players to rehearse with limited time and perform at a woodwind clinic. Rhythmically the parts use only quarter and eighth notes in cut time, but with a liberal scattering of rests within measures. The ranges are moderate for 2 oboes and 2 bassoons. This music is available for downloading in the PDF format.


Handel - Alla Hornpipe for double reed quartet with English horn and optional oboe d'amore (1'20)

SKU: [9219A]

A movement from Handel's Concerto in F of 1715. The music is also heard in his Water Music. Scored for 2 oboes (or oboe and oboe d'amore), English horn & bassoon with some two part sections for each player to shine. Also available in a version for 2 oboes & 2 bassoons [9219B]


Holzbauer - Divertimento for 2 horns and 2 bassoons (6'30)

SKU: [1007A]

Ignaz Jakob Holzbauer (1711 - 1783) composed this Divertimento in C with six short movements. This edition has horn parts in F and bassoon parts without any tenor clef. The second horn has a lot of notes below the treble staff but some higher notes are shown. We have also prepared a version of the same work for four bassoons [1007B]. Total duration 6'30.

1. Marsch 1'20
2. Allegro 0'35
3. Menuett 1'00
4. Andante 2'00
5. Presto 0'35
6. Larghetto 1'00


Weait - Venice Variations for five woodwinds (fl, ob, cl, asx, bn) (4'10)

SKU: [1205A]

We needed a piece to demonstrate all of the woodwinds. Something with a little solo for each player - so, I chose the venerable and much arranged "Carnival of Venice" as being relatively familiar to listeners and fun to play for the musicians. Dedicated to my woodwind colleagues at the Capital University Conservatory of Music.


Rossini - Theme & Variations from Wind Quartet No. 6 for flute, clarinet, horn & bassoon with band accompaniment (4'00)

SKU: [1112]

Theme and Variations for solo flute, solo clarinet in b-flat, solo horn in F and bassoon has been arranged by Christopher Weait with band accompaniment from the second movement of Rossini's Wind Quartet No. 6. The arrangement was made for and performed by the woodwind faculty at the Capital University Conservatory of Music (Dr. Lisa Jelle, flute, Dr. Gail Lehto Zugger, clarinet, Professor Kim McCann and Professor Christopher Weait, bassoon) and the Capital University Symphonic Winds, Dr. Barry Kopetz, conductor.


Weait - Four Fanfares for woodwind quintet (Total duration 2'10)

First score page to Weait - Four Fanfares for woodwind quintet.
SKU: [1012]

These fanfares were composed at different times for different ensembles. Fanfares 1 and 2 were written for OBOHIO to begin concerts by that double reed quartet. We played them offstage before entering. Tavern Fanfare was written for a wind octet to play a concert at, you guessed it, a tavern! The Seven Eight Fanfare was composed in 1998 for no particular ensemble or event.