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Weait - A Nineteenth Century Scrapbook for wind nonet (12'30)

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This is a revised and re-notated version of this work. Cues have been added and the keys of the first three movements have been changed.

An aural scrapbook of music heard during the 19th century: 1. Washington’s March at the Battle of Trenton by James Hewitt (1770 - 1827), 2. Farewell, Thou Dear Country by G. F. Stanbury (1800 - 1845) 3. Waltz by F. A. Vogel, 4. Reel and Hornpipe (Buckley's Favorite Reel and Saratoga Hornpipe). For wind nonet. E-flat and B-flat contra bass clarinet parts are provided to substitute for contrabassoon or double bass.


Beethoven - Bagatelle for wind quintet (2'10)

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The first Bagatelle from the Six Bagatelles for piano, Op.126. In the key of G with a short clarinet 'eingang'. Parts for A and B-flat clarinet parts are included. A good introductory work for any program or a fine encore when you wanted to calm down the crowd. Moderately difficult.

This is the pre-printed, paper version of the work. A PDF digital download is also available.


Weait - Fragments for wind octet (3'50)

First score page of Weait Fragments for wind octet.
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Fragments for wind octet was composed beginning in 1992 and worked on sporadically until 2010. It uses a compositional technique as if themes placed on a bulletin board are moved around for each instrument. The motives recall the traditional figures played when harmonies – ensembles of pairs of woodwinds and horns - were in vogue: leaping clarinet arpeggios, bouncy bassoon bass lines, sprightly rhythms and lyrical oboe melodies. The horns, however, play a corrupted version of ‘horn fifths’ throughout without sharing it.


Weait - Flute Ensemble Tunings

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Flute Ensemble Tunings can be used with or without a coach. The eight short selections are printed in score form so that players can see the other parts. Five scores are provided with each set. Suggestions for use include an explanation of "beatless" tuning, encouragement of communication between players and alternative uses for each selection. Instrumentation is 4 part flute ensemble with the 4th part also scored for alto flute.

1. Tune, Blend Unisons, Octaves & Arpeggios
2. Copycat Gambits
3. Handing Off
4. Trading Places
5. Pyramids to Thirds
6. Yanking Thirds
7. Final Chords


Bach, J.S. - Coachman's Song and Posthorn Fugue for wind quintet (3'40)

Page 1 of full score. Bach's "Coachman's Song"
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In 1704 Johann Sebastian Bach composed the programmatic keyboard Capriccio in B-flat 'sopra la lontanezza del suo fratello dilettissimo' ('on the departure of a beloved brother'). It is quite unusual among his works for its detailed titling of six movements commemorating his brother's departure by coach. The last two movement, 'Aria di postiglione' (Coachman's Song) and 'Fuga all' imitazione della cornetta di postiglione' (Posthorn Fugue) are transcribed for woodwind quintet.