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Weait - Lonely Island for solo bassoon (4'30 - 5'00)

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Unmeasured notation throughout using non-traditional techniques including: glissandi, varying vibrato and articulations, key snaps and harmonics. Unusual fingerings are given in the music. Dedicated to my friend Harvey Saltzman. Compact disc recording of the work included with the performance score. RECORDED by the composer on Innova Recordings CD 520.

This is the pre-printed, paper version of the work. A PDF digital download is also available.


Weait - Blue Bassoon for solo bassoon & band (5'00)

First score page of Weait - Blue Bassoon for bassoon and band.
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Blue Bassoon for solo bassoon & band [5'00]

The bassoon dips its toe into the 'blues'. Premiered by the composer and The Ohio State University Wind Symphony, Dr. Russel Mikkelson, director. Full score and parts for solo Bn, Pic, Fl, Ob, 3Cl, BCl, ASx, TSx, BarSx, 2Tp, 2 Hn, 2Tb, Eu, Tu, Cas, Tamb, Tgl, WBlk, TempleBlk, Vphn. A perusal score is available. We also publish a piano accompaniment [0512C]. An mp3 recording can be sent on request to us at

A recording by the composer with band is available on request.