Professor Weait is available for consulting, seminars, clinics, workshops, and master classes in the following areas:

  • Bassoon reed finishing
  • Auditioning
  • Orchestra or band wind section rehearsals coaching and conducting
  • Chamber music or solo coaching

He is also presents illustrated lectures on these topics:

  • "Teachers! Get Your Hands Around a Bassoon" (Methods class refresher for instrumental teachers)
    Sponsored and instruments provided by Fox Products Corporation
  • "Finishing Bassoon Reeds"
  • "Practicing for Those Who Hate It"
  • "Warming up the Bassoon"
  • "Vibrato - an inside view"
  • "Harmoniemusik for Today's Ensembles"

And topics of your choice ...

He looks forward to hearing from you by electronic mail, Facebook, telephone or post.