Weait - Bassoon Warm-Ups. Second Edition (2010)

The humourous cover has stayed on the music since it was first published by June Emerson.
First page of Weait - Bassoon Warmu-Ups
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The BASSOON WARM-UPS emphasize legato playing – the basis for good tone, good pitch, good coordination and surprisingly, good articulation. In addition to warming up your ear, they gradually expand your range, breathing endurance, dynamic levels and rhythmic awareness. Doing the warm ups every time you play will build confidence and reduce stress. After you become familiar with them, it will take less than 10 minutes to play them all.

The second edition maintains the original scale format. Exercises have been added ('Flik Chek' and 'Open the Chops') and some have been extended.

Published by Emerson Edition, whose website says: "Chris Weait's excellent daily keep-fit routine - newly revised and improved for 2010."