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The interval patterns are based on the premise that instrumentalists need to know how intervals look in order to improve sight-reading and technical fluency. The patterns are similar to those in "Bassoon Scales for Reading" and make a useful supplement to it. The rhythmic and metric patterns are different in each section. All keys are represented including the enharmonic keys.

Patterns in Parts 1 and 2 have a limited range of about an octave and a half in each key. Parts 3 and 4 use the complete range. The notation uses accidentals not key signatures in bass, tenor and treble clefs. Longer notes in each pattern allow places to breathe, subdivision into smaller units for repetition and provide useful milestones for the eyes. Alternative articulations are suggested for larger intervals. This book is also available in a PDF format FOR YOUR TABLET at [0501-pdf].

65 pages, coil bound to lie flat on music stand. Size: 8.5 by 11 inches. ISBN: 978-0-9830034-2-7.

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"Your Bassoon Intervals for Reading has been a daunting project for the past year! But with great rewards!"

Jo Ann Simpson, Manager/Artistic Director
Virtuosi Productions "The Music Makers"