The Weait Music "No-Hands" Bassoon Side Strap in use.
Close-up of Weait Music "No-Hands" Bassoon Side Strap.
SKU: [115]

“No-Hands” Bassoon Side Strap. When used in conjunction with the Bassoon Seat Strap (SKU 114), the “No-Hands” Side Strap can take the weight of the bassoon off the left hand and help reduce pain and tension. Comes with clear instructions for use.

The NO-HANDS Bassoon Side Strap has a quick release buckle for easier use.

How to Use your “No-Hands Bassoon Side-Strap
When used in conjunction with the Weait Bassoon Seat Strap with Adjustable Leather-Lined Cup, the “No-Hands” Side-Strap takes the bassoon’s weight off the left hand and arm to help reduce pain and tension.

Open buckle, holding the hook in your left hand. With buckle facing away from body, wrap male end of “No-Hands” Strap as high as possible around the right upright of chair back (or top of right rear chair leg if there is no space between chair back and seat). Click in female half. While seated, place bassoon in seat strap cup. Rest bassoon in crook of left arm and place hook of “No-Hands” Strap in neck strap ring on top band of butt joint. Loosen or pull “No-Hands” Strap end to adjust, being careful as you align bocal and reed to your lips. To achieve a comfortable balance, you may need to move the seat strap forward on the chair. Be sure the bassoon leans against your right thigh and have that side of your thigh lined up with the right edge of the chair seat.

“I have found the Weait No-Hands system ideal for performance injury prevention and recovery. The easy-to-use strap releases all weight from the left hand allowing the bassoon to balance without any assistance from the performer. This crucial element of weight and counter-balance removed from the left hand provides injured players the opportunity to continue practicing with no pain!

Further, upon recovery, players find continued use of the system keeps their tendonitis/carpal tunnel symptoms in check by using the intended muscles only to play the instrument, not to hold it as well.

Returning to standing, or normal weight position without the No-Hands system was easy and required no transition.

I strongly recommend this system! Once you try it, you’ll be ‘hooked!’”

Dr. Christin Schillinger, Assistant Professor of Bassoon
Miami University, Oxford, OH 45056