Weait - Four Fanfares for woodwind quintet (Total timing: 2'10)

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Four short fanfares that can be performed as encores, concert openers or as interludes between longer pieces. They don't have to be performed in numerical order. They were composed for a variety of ensembles. The OBOHIO fanfares were played offstage to begin concerts by that double reed quartet. #2 was performed at the International Double Reed Society conference at Louisiana State University in 1990. Tavern Fanfare was originally for wind octet for a concert at, you guessed it, a tavern! The Seven Eight Fanfare was composed in 1998 for no particular ensemble or event.

1. OBOHIO Fanfare No.1 [0'25]
2. OBOHIO Fanfare No.2 [0'25]
3. Tavern Fanfare [1'00]
4. Seven Eight Fanfare [0'25]