Rossini - La Scala di Seta Sinfonia (Overture) for chamber winds (7'00)

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Rossini's overture to the opera "La Scala di Seta (The Silken Ladder) is well-known to audiences and musicians - especially oboists - for whom the oboe solos are prime audition material. This version for chamber wind ensemble is in the original key of C and maintains the original woodwind and horn solo passages. This is a convenient way to allow your oboists to tackle the Big Solo. Performed by The Ohio State University Wind Ensemble under the direction of the transcriber. For piccolo, 3 flutes, 4 clarinets in B-flat, bass clarinet, 2 bassoons, contrabassoon or double bass, 2 horns in F, 2 trumpets in C (B-flat parts included) and bass trombone. Solo woodwind parts are difficult, other parts are easy to moderately difficult.