Weait - Five More First Solos for bassoon and piano

First piano score page to Weait - Five More First Bassoon Solos for bassoon and piano.
SKU: [1218B]

Five More First Solos contains easy music for new bassoonists. The solos are a bit more challenging than those in The First Six Bassoon Solos [1218A]. The range is from low F (F2) to fifth-line A natural (A3). The piano parts are easy. Meters used are 2/4, 3/4 cut time and 6/8. In addition to whole notes, half notes and quarter notes, eighths, sixteenths and dotted rhythms are used.
No.7 Andantino (0'35) in 6/8 meter
No.8 Moderato (1'35) in Cut time
No.9 Bass Line Minuet (1'15) in 3/4 meter
No.10 Sad March (2'05) Adagio in 2/4
No.11 Happy March(1'10) in 6/8 meter

BULLETIN! This selection was added to the Ohio Music Education Association's (OMEA) Solo and Ensemble List in Grade C in 2014.