Anonymous & Luther - Three Chorales for bassoon Ensemble (5'00)

First page of performance score of Anonymoous & Luther 3 Chorales for bassoon ensemble.
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Three easy chorales as warm ups, church or concert pieces for 4 bassoons with an optional contrabassoon part for each chorale: #1. Hasten, Immaneul (Anonymous, 1679); #2. Now All the Woods are Sleeping (Anonymous, 1529); #3. A Might Fortress (Martin Luther, 1529). The chorales are shown in performance scores so that players can exchange parts. Dynamics and clear articulations are shown. For the best balance of parts, have more players on the soprano (Bassoon 1) and bass (Bassoon 4) parts. One player each on Bassoon 2 and Bassoon 3 will provide alto and tenor voices. The music may be duplicated as needed.