Beveling Tool With Sanding Channel
Detail of end of Sanding Channel
The Beveling Tool with instructions
SKU: [1306B]

UNSOLICITED ENDORSEMENT: "Fantastic beveling tool! Wish I had gotten one a long time ago." R.M. of California

We've re-named our BEVELING JIG because we’ve added a SANDING CHANNEL to it. Now we’re calling it BEVELING TOOL WITH SANDING CHANNEL. The SANDING CHANNEL is on the reverse side from the BEVELING V-cut.

The SANDING CHANNEL allows the reed maker to sand the gouged side of gouged or gouged and shaped cane in the area that will be under the reed blades in the finished reed. Marks on the edges of the SANDING CHANNEL show the recommended sanding area. The SANDING CHANNEL is not recommended for helping to correct deficiencies in the gouged surface.

The BEVELING TOOL WITH SANDING CHANNEL comes with instructions for both procedures and sandpaper and a flexible plastic form to wrap the sandpaper around.

Bassoon Reed Beveling Tool from rweait on Vimeo.