Weait - Circus for oboe and bassoon (6'20) PDF

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Three movement duet for oboe and bassoon. I. Acrobats (2’45) II. Lion Tamer (1’45) III. Clowns (1’50). Dedicated to the memory of the oboist and oboe maker Alfred Laubin. Mr. Laubin, was a member of the first professional wind quintet I played in. I remember him as a very thin, quiet and dignified man. He is in no way personified by the music in the work! This is the downloadable version of the work. A pre-printed, paper version is also available.

Quotes from a review by Daniel Lipori in ‘The Double Reed’, Vol 33/3, p.111.
“. . . you can imagine the acrobats up in the air during their performance.”
“It sounds very cautious, as if the lion tamer does not want to upset the animal.”
“I can easily picture a group of clowns showing off.”