Weait - The First Six Bassoon Solos for bassoon and piano - PDF

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The First Six Bassoon Solos include easy music for new bassoonists. The solo parts are written within the octave from low F (F2) to open F (F3). The piano parts are easy, too. Rhythms used are whole notes, half notes and quarter notes. Most of the music is smooth. One piece requires staccato quarter notes; another requires tied half notes. Additional, more challenging music can be found in Five More First Solos for bassoon and piano [1218B].
No. 1 Andante (0'48") B-flat major in 4/4 meter
No. 2 Gentle Waltz (0'25") F major in 3/4 meter.
No. 3 Minor March ('50") D minor in 2/4 meter.
No. 4 Lullaby (0'32") B-flat major in 6/4 meter.
No. 5 Syncopated Moderato (0'32") B-flat major in cut time.
No. 6 Bluesy Bassoon (1'36") E-flat major in cut time.

This is the downloadable version of the work. A pre-printed, paper version is also available.