Weait - Easy Bassoon Duets, Volume 1

Performing score for Weait - Easy Bassoon Duets, Vol. 1
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Here are ten very easy to easy duets for two bassoons or other bass clef instruments. They move through a variety of meters, rhythms, dynamics and keys to avoid boredom for the players. The upper and lower parts are of equal difficulty and are printed as performing scores.

No. 1. Upper part has moving notes. Three levels of dynamics.
No. 2. Moving notes over drones. Upper part sets the tempo. Four levels of dynamics.
No. 3. Five measure phrases.
No. 4. Three measure phrases that begin and end with unisons and have 1st and 2nd endings.
No. 5. Staccato eighth-notes against sustained notes.
No. 6. Syncopated half-notes and tied quarter-notes.
No. 7. Introducing low E2.
No. 8. Fanfare with dotted notes and middle section that changes key. Five dynamic levels.
No. 9. Quirky time signatures and offbeat accents produce unusual phrases.
No.10. Chromatic notes cross each as they ascend and descend.