Weait - Quadruplets for 4 Treble Clef Instruments (1'15)

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There’s a longish story behind the title Quadruplets. It was originally entitled Couplets for four oboes, a transcription and higher transposition of earlier compositions of the same title for various double reed combinations. Couplets was invited by Yu-Hey Sze of the Hong Kong Kamerata as a demonstration piece for the oboe section of the Macau Youth Orchestra. When my wife, the logical one in our marriage, saw the score she said, “But it’s not couplets, it's quadruplets”. Hence, the new title.

Quadruplets for 4 Treble Clef Instruments can be played by any combination of flutes, oboes, violins OR by 4 same-key clarinets and bass clarinets, OR by trumpets and euphoniums (in the treble clef, of course) OR any 4 same-key saxophones. You can't combine transposing with non-transposing instruments. It is a little confusing, but the concept has been around at least since Boismortier published his marvelous duets for any gambas, ‘cellos or bassoons back in the 18th century.

The music is not rhythmically difficult, has a limited range of dynamics and very basic articulations.

We admit to “getting on a roll” with the variable instrumentation concept. We also created a version for lower instruments with Quadruplets for Any 4 Bass Clef Instruments available on this website under the SKU [1203E]. The two versions are not in the same key for reasons of range (they are a minor third apart in key), but adventurous musicians might want to try playing them together for fun as “Octuplets”. The music is also available for download in a PDF version.