Weait - Duets for New Bassoonists, Volume 2 - PDF

Performing score for No. 3 Bouncing Around from Weait - Duets for New Bassoonists, Volume 2
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These duets supplement those of Volume 1 SKU [1609]. The upper and lower parts are of equal difficulty. The range is from low D (D2) to high F (F4). More dynamics are introduced (mp, p, crescendo, diminuendi, light and heavy accents). There is no tenor clef in the notation. Dotted quarter notes and duplet eights are introduced. The music is dedicated to the composer’s high school band and orchestra director Harry F. Haigh. A printed version is available at SKU [1610].

1. Cycling tune. Cut time B-flat Major 0’39
2. Overbreak Melodies. Cut time C Major 0’36
3. Bouncing Around. 2/4 time F Major 0’42
4. Two Against Three. 3/8 time D Major
5. Dotted Fanfare. 2/4 time F Major and C Major 0’36
6. Hallowe’en Duet. 6/8 time A Minor 0’28
7. Pensive Melodies. 9/8 time G Minor 1’00
8. Zombie’s March. Cut time C Major 0’32