Weait - Duets for New Bassoonists, Volume 1 - PDF

Performing score for No. 1 Getting Started from Weait - Duets for New Bassoonists, Volume 1
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Both parts of these duets have notes in the octave between low F (F2) and open F (F3). The parts are co-equal; one part is not “easier” than the other. Rhythms for the entire volume are restricted to whole, half, quarter and eighth notes. The only dotted notes are dotted half notes. Two dynamics are introduced in No. 4: f (forte) and mf (mezzo forte). The duets are dedicated to C. J Broadhead, New Rochelle High School’s memorable choir director. A non- downloadable version is available on the website from SKU [1609]

1. Getting Started. 4/4 time F Major 0’32
2. A Dynamic Duo. 2/2 time A Minor 0’21
3. So Low Solo. ¾ time F Major 0’34
4. Slow Waltz. ¾ time C Major 0’32
5. Short Sad March. 2/4 time A Minor 0’27
6. Dramatic Chromatics. ¾ time F Major 0’29
7. Out of Sync. Common time (C) F Major 0’51
8. Exchanging Eighths. ¾ time G Major 0’38