Weait - Six Children's Songs for 2 Oboes and 2 Bassoons (ca. 14')

First score page to "Lazy Mary Will You Get Up?" from 6 Children's Songs for 2 oboes & 2 bassoons.
SKU: [0510B]

Six Children’s Songs for 2 oboes and 2 bassoons is a spin-off from two previous arrangements: one for the OBOHIO double reed combination of 2 oboes (oboe 2 = oboe d’amore), English and bassoon [0510] and the other for woodwind quartet of flute, oboe, clarinet and bassoon [0511]. The arrangements are dedicated to OBOHIO and its founders Robert and Bailey Sorton.

There is no tenor clef in the bassoon parts. Any number of them can be performed in any order.

This music can be downloaded on PDF's from [0510B - pdf] on this website.

This version was requested by Professor William Jobert who organizes an annual reed festival and summer camp at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio.

The six songs are now not as familiar to children as they once were:

No.1 Hickory Dickory Dock (0’43)
No.2 Polly but the Kettle ON (1’33)
No.3 This Old Man (2’39)
No.4 Z’ Mary (Lazy Mary Will You Get Up?) (1’42)
No.5 Row Your Boat (1’43)
No.6 London Bridge (3’07)

Total music time is about 14 minutes