Weait - Emily's Bees and Bells for voice and piano (8'31)

First page No. 1 The Bee is Not Afraid of Me from Weait's "Emily's Bees and Bells"
SKU: [1704B]

This is the voice and piano version of the song cycle for voice and orchestra “Emily’s Bees and Bells”. It consists of eight brief poems by the celebrated American poet Emily Dickinson (1830 – 1886) that mention bees or bells. The music supports Dickinson’s precise writing with bee-like buzzings, chimes and melodies reminiscent of her time. The moods are varied. One poem has two different settings and another, the final one, incorporates two versions by the poet. The poetry is used with the permission of Harvard University Press. The version for voice and orchestra is available at [1704A].