Weait - Five Low for Tuba and Piano (8'32)

First score page to 1. Wake Up Tune from Weait - Five Low for tuba and piano
SKU: [1522C]

Five Low is a set of five short pieces for tuba and piano: 1. Wake Up Tune (1’39), 2. Somber Song (1’42), 3. Low Five (2’14), 4. Bluesy (1’17), 5. Tread Lightly (1’40). The total music time is 8’32.

Somber Song is based upon the solo tuba piece in my Eight from Quebec for brass quintet. Low Five has two other versions in my catalogue, one shorter one for tuba and piano (1’26) [1522A] and one for flute and tuba [1522B] of the same length. The flute and tuba version is in the repertoire of the Amy Ridings and Patrick Scianella’s outstanding touring duo Double Play.

After premiering the shorter tuba and piano piece Tony Zilincik, professor tuba at the Capital University Conservatory of Music announced to the audience that he thought there should be more music to go along with it. Hence, Five Low for tuba and piano. Five Low is dedicated to him “with thanks for the nudge”.