Weait - Ten by Three for two instruments and keyboard (13'00)

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Ten by Three (10 X 3): A Collection of Folksongs from Quebec for two instruments and keyboard. [13'00]

Based upon delightful songs and singing games from Quebec. Score and five parts: oboe or clarinet, bassoon or 'cello or bass clarinet, piano or harpsichord.

Ten movements:
1. Trio: Scrambled eggs; Buy My Fresh Eggs / Omellete au lard; Cassons les ouefs. Vivace.
2. Oboe and bassoon: Monday, Washday / Lundi, jour de lavage. Giocoso.
3. Bassoon and keyboard: Renaud. Lamentoso e rubato.
4. Keyboard solo: Flower Song / Chansons des fleurs. Moderato.
5. Oboe solo: The Return of the soldier / Le retour du soldat. Semplice e mesto.
6. Bassoon solo: Sailing / Dans les haubans. Vigoroso.
7. Trio: Falling down / Michaud a tombe. Esitando. Vivace.
8. Oboe and keyboard: Germine. Lento e pensoso.
9. Oboe and bassoon: The Duckling / Petite boiteuse. Moderato.
10. Trio: Forward March! / En avant! Allegro marcia.

This is the pre-printed, paper version of the work. A PDF digital download is also available.

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