Silver C-Clef Earrings

SKU: [130]

These light-weight silver C-Clef Earrings are about one inch high and have sterling silver ear wires. Each piece is individually crafted so jewelry may not be exactly as illustrated. They will be appreciated by anyone who performs in the alto or tenor clefs: violists, gambists, 'cellists, bassoonists and trombonists.


Contrabassoon strap

A view of the Weait Music Contrabassoon Strap in use.
The new, improved Weait Music Contrabassoon Strap design.
Close-up of the new, improved Weait Music Contrabassoon Strap design.
SKU: [129]

This is a longer version of our "No Hands" Bassoon Side Strap. When attached to the neck strap ring and the right rear chair upright or top of the right rear chair leg it supports the contrabassoon by counteracting the instrument's tendency to pull forward. It greatly reduces the instrument's weight on the player's hands. We have added a STRAP ADJUSTER which makes it easier to adjust the strap length to accommodate a variety of chairs and individual players. It still has the quick release buckle allowing for a fast get-away from the stage!


10 Reed Water Cup Holders (Assorted)

SKU: [127F]

Don't spill your reed water! These handy Cup Holders fit in most music cases and wrap around almost any music stand (even the wire fold-up ones). The fabric wrap is also adjustable for a different sized soaker cup if you prefer. Teachers, this is a great gift for your students. Order ten assorted cup holders for $40.00 and receive one free (music stand NOT included!). Fabrics may not be exactly as illustrated.



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