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Weait - Prelude for Horn and Organ (2'00) PDF

First page of score to Weait - Prelude for Horn & Organ
SKU: 1515-pdf

The Prelude for Horn and Organ was composed for a Hymn Fest on September 11, 2015 honoring the life of Walter R. Bouman, a personal friend of the composer. It is dedicated "To the memory of Rev. Dr. Walter R. Bouman (1929 - 2005)".

The prelude is in ABA form with the organ playing a solo in the middle section. The range of the horn part is between the transposed pitches of F-sharp 4 and E-natural 5. Rhythmically the horn part is very easy.


Weait - The Merry Raftsmen for woodwind choir (pdf)

First score page. Weait - Merry Raftsmen for woodwind choir
SKU: [7905B-pdf]

Music from the Ottawa River where rafts of lumber were floated to sawmills guided by men perched on the logs. The arrangement recalls the vibrant, outdoor life of the raftsmen in a setting for the complete woodwind choir. An earlier version was performed by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra at children’s concerts to demonstrate the woodwind instruments. For Pic, 2Fl, 2Ob, EH, 2Cl, BCl, 2Bn, CBn, 2ASx, TSx, BarSx.

The arranger pouts while stating, “This arrangement can be performed without the English horn and contrabassoon parts.”


Making a Bassoon Reed (DVD)

SKU: [1002]

A two DVD set with a close-up, detailed, step-by-step demonstration of the reed making process using gouged, shaped and profiled (GSP) cane for beginners or advanced players. Making a bassoon reed from gouged, shaped and profiled (GSP) cane saves the cost of purchasing a shaper and profiler, saves preparation time and reduces wastage of material.

The video trailer above, is a two minute excerpt from the two DVD set. The DVD content exceeds 100 minutes.

DVD1: Making a Reed from GSP Cane (68 minutes)
DVD2: Finishing and Fine-tuning a Reed (43 minutes)
ISBN: 978-0-9830034-1-0


Weait - Improve Your Bassoon Reed (DVD)

SKU: [0805]

For new bassoonists, music teachers and bassoon parents!

Christopher Weait shows you how to make your store-bought reed play better with simple tools and techniques. 16 minutes.

Introduced with great success at the IDRS conference at Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah July 22 - 26, 2008.

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P.S. Have really enjoyed your How to Improve your Reeds DVD. It gave me



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