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Weait - The Merry Raftsmen for 12 woodwinds (2'45) PDF

SKU: 7905A-pdf

Music from the Ottawa River where rafts of lumber were floated to sawmills guided by men perched on the logs. The arrangement recalls the vibrant, outdoor life of the raftsmen in a setting for triple orchestral woodwinds. Performed by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra at children’s concerts to demonstrate the woodwind instruments. It is dedicated to Victor Feldbrill. For Pic, 2Fl, 2Ob, EH, 2Cl, BCl, 2Bn, CBn


Weait - Distant Thunder with Rain for native American flute and woodwind quintet (7'45) PDF

Page 14 of Weait - Distant Thunder with Rain for Native American flute and woodwind quintet.
SKU: 1015-pdf

Distant Thunder with Rain is for native American flute and standard woodwind quintet. It was inspired by and written for Michael Cox and the members of the QuintEssential Winds, all faculty at the Capital University Conservatory of Music. It was premiered by them on October 31, 2011 in Huntington Recital Hall as part of the 2011 NOW Festival of Contemporary Music. The music depicts Night, Dawn, Sunrise, Full Daylight, Hunting, Distant Thunder with Rain, Sunset, Evening and Night.


Weait - Passacaglia I for woodwind quintet (3'00) PDF

The first score page to Weait - Passacaglia I for woodwind quintet.
SKU: 0813-rev-pdf

A passacaglia for the standard woodwind quintet: flute, oboe, clarinet in B-flat, bassoon and horn in F. Composed in 2008 and slightly revised in 2016, then the title revised in 2018 to Passacaglia I. The work eagerly awaiting it's first performance!

This work is also available in a printed version at [0813 Rev].


Weait - A Nineteenth Century Scrapbook for wind nonet (12'30) PDF

SKU: 7101-pdf

This is a revised and re-notated version of this work. Cues have been added and the keys of the first three movements have been changed.

An aural scrapbook of music heard during the 19th century: 1. Washington’s March at the Battle of Trenton by James Hewitt (1770 - 1827), 2. Farewell, Thou Dear Country by G. F. Stanbury (1800 - 1845) 3. Waltz by F. A. Vogel, 4. Reel and Hornpipe (Buckley's Favorite Reel and Saratoga Hornpipe). For wind nonet. E-flat and B-flat contra bass clarinet parts are provided to substitute for contrabassoon or double bass.


Bach & Kellner - Prelude and Fugue in D Minor for flute, clarinet & bassoon (2'15) PDF

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Not the famous piece in D Minor! The Prelude is from 12 Little Preludes; the Fugue is from Miscellaneous Klavier Pieces. A good concert opener. The Prelude is Bach’s, the Fugue probably Kellner’s. Grade: Moderate.

This is the downloadable version of the work. A pre-printed, paper version is also available.


Beethoven - Bagatelle for wind quintet (2'10) PDF

SKU: 6006-pdf

The first Bagatelle from the Six Bagatelles for piano, Op.126. In the key of G with a short clarinet 'eingang'. Parts for A and B-flat clarinet parts are included. A good introductory work for any program or a fine encore when you want to calm down the crowd. Moderately difficult.

This is the downloadable version of the work. A pre-printed, paper version is also available.


Weait - Perambulations for flute and alto saxophone (3'10) PDF

SKU: 1531-pdf

A single movement inspired by watching people walk - fast, slow, with purpose, aimlessly - on a sidewalk. Dedicated to the Tower Duo: For Erin Helegson Torres and Michael Rene Torres. Relatively demanding with a difficulty rating of 6 or 7 out of 10 (difficult).

This is the downloadable version of the work. A pre-printed, paper version is also available.


Weait - Lonely Island for solo bassoon (4'30 - 5'00) PDF

SKU: 7408-pdf

Unmeasured notation throughout using non-traditional techniques including: glissandi, varying vibrato and articulations, key snaps and harmonics. Unusual fingerings are given in the music. Dedicated to my friend Harvey Saltzman. Compact disc recording of the work included with the performance score. RECORDED by the composer on Innova Recordings CD 520.

This is the downloadable version of the work. A pre-printed, paper version is also available.



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