Bassoon and 'Cello or 2 Bassoons

Weait - Little Duck for Bassoon and 'Cello or 2 Bassoons (1'41)

Page 3 of score to Little Duck
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Little Duck for bassoon and 'cello is one of the short duets that Christopher Weait and Margaret Barstow Weait performed at children's and school concerts. The music is drawn from "Roundelays / Danses à la Ronde" by Marius Barbeau et al (Ottawa: National Museum of Canada, 1963) wherein the melody is entitled "The Lame Duck / Petite boiteuse" (p.37). It makes a charming encore.

The piece can easily be played by 2 bassoons.

A downloadable PDF version can be found at SKU [7711-pdf].

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