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Weait - Old MacDonald's Double Reed Band (2'04)

First score page to Weait - Old MacDonald's Double Reed Band
SKU: [1805B]

Old MacDonald's Double Reed Band is set for 6 double reeds: 2 oboes, English horn, 2 bassoons and contrabassoon. Each section honks briefly on their reeds to emulate the traditional animal sounds. A worthy and captivating addition to any double reed event. The contrabassoon part can be played by a bassoon (playing the notes down one octave where possible) or by a double bass or contrabass clarinet. Also available in PDF format at our SKU [1805B-pdf].


Weait - Estampie for Reed Quintet (4'05)

Score page 6 of Weait Estampie for reed quintet
SKU: [1713A]

Estampie is a lively instrumental dance from the 13th Century arranged for reed quintet (oboe, B-flat clarinet, alto saxophone, bass clarinet and bassoon). It is arranged as a "patrol" in which the instruments get louder and louder to the middle, then softer and softer to the end. An excellent piece to diversify concert programs. This title is available in PDF format as [1713A-pdf].

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