Weait - Four Fanfares for woodwind quintet (Total timing: 2'10)

SKU: [1012]

Four short fanfares that can be performed as encores, concert openers or as interludes between longer pieces. They don't have to be performed in numerical order. They were composed for a variety of ensembles. The OBOHIO fanfares were played offstage to begin concerts by that double reed quartet. #2 was performed at the International Double Reed Society conference at Louisiana State University in 1990. Tavern Fanfare was originally for wind octet for a concert at, you guessed it, a tavern! The Seven Eight Fanfare was composed in 1998 for no particular ensemble or event.


Beethoven - Bagatelle for wind quintet (2'10)

SKU: [6006]

The first Bagatelle from the Six Bagatelles for piano, Op.126. In the key of G with a short clarinet 'eingang'. Parts for A and B-flat clarinet parts are included. A good introductory work for any program or a fine encore when you wanted to calm down the crowd. Moderately difficult.

This is the pre-printed, paper version of the work. A PDF digital download is also available.


Bach, J.S. - Coachman's Song and Posthorn Fugue for wind quintet (3'40)

Page 1 of full score. Bach's "Coachman's Song"
SKU: [6009D,E]

In 1704 Johann Sebastian Bach composed the programmatic keyboard Capriccio in B-flat 'sopra la lontanezza del suo fratello dilettissimo' ('on the departure of a beloved brother'). It is quite unusual among his works for its detailed titling of six movements commemorating his brother's departure by coach. The last two movement, 'Aria di postiglione' (Coachman's Song) and 'Fuga all' imitazione della cornetta di postiglione' (Posthorn Fugue) are transcribed for woodwind quintet.


Bach & Kellner - Prelude and Fugue in D Minor for flute, clarinet & bassoon (2'15)

SKU: [5709C]

Not the famous piece in D Minor! The Prelude is from 12 Little Preludes; the Fugue is from Miscellaneous Klavier Pieces. A good concert opener. The Prelude is Bach’s, the Fugue probably Kellner’s. Grade: Moderate.

This is the pre-printed, paper version of the work. A PDF digital download is also available.


Weait - Circus for oboe and bassoon (6'20)

First score page to Acrobats from Weait - Circus for oboe and bassoon.
SKU: [9111]

Three movement duet for oboe and bassoon. I. Acrobats (2’45) II. Lion Tamer (1’45) III. Clowns (1’50). Dedicated to the memory of the oboist and oboe maker Alfred Laubin. Mr. Laubin, was a member of the first professional wind quintet I played in. I remember him as a very thin, quiet and dignified man. He is in no way personified by the music in the work!

Quotes from a review by Daniel Lipori in ‘The Double Reed’, Vol 33/3, p.111.
“. . . you can imagine the acrobats up in the air during their performance.”
“It sounds very cautious, as if the lion tamer does not want to upset the animal.”


Weait - Quintet Tunings for woodwind quintet

SKU: [0503]

Quintet Tunings can be used with or without a coach. The eight short selections are printed in score form so that players can see the other parts. Six scores are provided with each set. Suggestions for use include an explanation of "beatless" tuning, encouragement of communication between players and alternative uses for each selection. Instrumentation is for standard woodwind quintet with flute, oboe, clarinet in B-flat, horn in F and bassoon.




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