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Weait - Four Fanfares for woodwind quintet (Total duration 2'10) PDF

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These fanfares were composed at different times for different ensembles. Fanfares 1 and 2 were written for OBOHIO to begin concerts by that double reed quartet. We played them offstage before entering. Tavern Fanfare was written for a wind octet to play a concert at, you guessed it, a tavern! The Seven Eight Fanfare was composed in 1998 for no particular ensemble or event.

One or more fanfares can be performed as encores, as concert openers, or as interludes between longer pieces. They don't have to be performed in numerical order.


Weait - The Jolly Raftsmen for woodwind quintet (2'45) PDF

First score page to Weait - The Jolly Raftsmen for woodwind quintet
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Music from the Ottawa River where rafts of lumber were floated to sawmills guided by men perched on the logs. A favorite of many quintets, it recalls the vibrant, outdoor life of the raftsmen. RECORDED on compact disc by the Aeolian Winds, IBS 1002. For flute, oboe, clarinet in B-flat, bassoon & horn in F.


Weait - Prelude for Horn and Organ (2'00)

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The Prelude for Horn and Organ was composed for a Hymn Fest on September 11, 2015 honoring the life of Walter R. Bouman, a personal friend of the composer. It is dedicated "To the memory of Rev. Dr. Walter R. Bouman (1929 - 2005)".

The prelude is in ABA form with the organ playing a solo in the middle section. The range of the horn part is between the transposed pitches of F-sharp 4 and E-natural 5. Rhythmically the horn part is very easy.



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