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Weait - 24 Short Woodwind Quintets for Ensemble Development

Page 1 of score to Weait 24 Short Woodwind Quintets No. 1.
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24 Short Woodwind Quintets for Ensemble Development allow quintets to improve the accuracy of their playing and develop more confident sight-reading.

The pieces, none longer than a minute-and-a-half in duration, encourage mastery of notation by gradually increasing the difficulty of rhythms, meters, dynamics and technical demands.


Weait - Reel and Hornpipe for woodwind quintet (3'45) PDF

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Two dances, “Buckley’s Favorite Reel” and the “Saratoga Hornpipe” can be found in early 19th century collections of American dance music. The setting recalls the jubilant, foot-stomping, rhythmical drive of the country fiddlers, banjoists and washtub-bassists who played the music.


Weait - Fanfare for solo horn (2'20) PDF

SKU: 7810-pdf

A solo for unaccompanied horn in F. Dedicated to Mary Louise MacLean Wood who was my helper when she was an undergraduate student at the University of Toronto. The piece is rhythmically demanding and has a wide range from written G3 to G5.

This is the downloadable version of the work. A pre-printed, paper version is also available.



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