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Weait - The Merry Raftsmen for 12 woodwinds (2'45)

Fist score page for Weait - The Merry Raftsmen for 12 Woodwinds
SKU: [7905A]

Music from the Ottawa River where rafts of lumber were floated to sawmills guided by men perched on the logs. The arrangement recalls the vibrant, outdoor life of the raftsmen in a setting for triple orchestral woodwinds. Performed by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra at children’s concerts to demonstrate the woodwind instruments. It is dedicated to Victor Feldbrill. For Pic, 2Fl, 2Ob, EH, 2Cl, BCl, 2Bn, CBn

Listen to Weait's arrangement of The Merry Raftsmen. (Synthesized)


Paisable - the Queen's Farewell for 17 woodwinds (2'30)

Page 1 of score to Paisable "The Queen's Farewell" for 17 woodwinds.
SKU: [6907]

A sonorous setting for the band’s woodwind section. Reflective, dignified music written for the 1695 funeral of Queen Mary found in John Bannister’s ‘The Sprightly Companion’. For: Pic, 2Fl, 2Ob, EH, EbCl, 3Cl, AltoCl, BCl, CBCl, 3Bn, CBn. A perusal score is available. Score illustrated in the other listing of this work.



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