Reading these scale and arpeggio patterns will improve sight-reading and technical fluency for oboists, flutists and saxophonists.
ISBN: 978-0-9830034-3-4.

The scale patterns are based upon the premise that instrumentalists need to know how scales and arpeggios look in order to be fluent sight-readers. They are divided into low and high registers and progress through 15 keys including the enharmonic keys. Read both enharmonic keys in order to be fluent in both. Accidentals are used for each key rather than key signatures. The entire range is covered in each mode from low B-flat (B-flat 3) to high F (F5). To maintain interest rhythmic and metric patterns are different in each section.

Scales included are: majors with tonic arpeggios, harmonics with minor arpeggios, melodic minors with tonic seventh arpeggios, chromatics, whole tones with augmented arpeggios, octatonics (diminished scles) with diminished seventh arpeggios, pentatonic and blues scales. $24.00

Here are some unsolicited endorsements:

D.C. of Portland, Oregon said,
"Wanted to let you know I just finished the first read-through of the Oboe Scales, at the rate of about 6 pages per day. They're fabulous, giving all sorts of unusual sequences that require concentration. The workout in the upper range is also just what I was looking for, because of all the different sequences."

G.W. of Newcastle, Ontario said,
"I bought a copy of your 'Oboe Scales for Reading' at our fabulous IDRS convention in Utah . . . first let me say how delighted I am to have discovered your scale book. So far it appears to be a unique and wonderful system which will get right to the core of what I need to address in my playing."

Weait - Oboe, Flute or Sax Scales for Reading. To Improve Technique and Sight Reading

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