Weait - Easy Bassoon Duets, Volume 2 - PDF

Full score to No. 2 Bouncing Around from Weait - Easy Bassoon Duets, volume 2
SKU: [1614-pdf]

These duets supplement those of Volume 1 SKU [1609]. The upper and lower parts are of equal difficulty. The range has been expanded to D2 and F4. There is no tenor clef in the notation. A printed version is available at SKU [1614]. The music is dedicated to my high school band and orchestra director Harry F. Haigh.


Weait - Chaconne and Charade for Clarinet Quartet (6'15) PDF

First full score page to Weait - Chaconne for Clarinet Quartet
SKU: 1529-pdf

The Chaconne (3'14) is scored for a somewhat unusual clarinet quartet consisting of E-flat, B-flat, A and bass clarinets. The Charade (3'01) movement, a scherzo, calls for 2 B-flats, an A and bass. The work is dedicated to the Prestige Clarinet Quartet.

A hard copy version of this work is available on our website under the SKU [1529]


Weait - 24 Very Short Woodwind Quintets (PDF)

First full score page to Weait - 24 Very Short Woodwind Quintets
SKU: [0807-pdf]

Introductory price until 11:59pm December 16, 2016.

24 Very Short Woodwind Quintets for musicianship, ensemble playing and sight-reading allows quintets to develope better musicianship, finer ensemble playing and a clearer understanding of musical notation.

The pieces, none longer than a minute-and-a-half in length, gradually increase the difficulty of rhythms, meters, dynamics and technical demands. Can be played by coached or uncoached ensembles. The full score contains a review of articulation and accent notation.


Weait - Quadruplets for Any 4 Bass Clef Instruments (1'15)

First full score page to Weait - Quadruplets for Any 4 Bass Clef Instruments
SKU: [1203E]

There’s a longish story behind the title Quadruplets. It was originally entitled Couplets for four oboes, a transcription and higher transposition of earlier compositions of the same title for various double reed combinations. Couplets was invited by Yu-Hey Sze of the Hong Kong Kamerata as a demonstration piece for the oboe section of the Macau Youth Orchestra. When my wife, the logical one in our marriage, saw the score she said, “But it’s not for couples its for quadruplets”. Hence, the new title.



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