Mr. Tollett (1695) - The Queen's Farewell in 3 Parts for 3 double reeds in 3 versions (1'00)

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This three voice work was published in "The Sprightly Companion" by J. B. (probably John Banister) in London in 1695. Along with a four part "Queen's Farewell" by Jacques Paisable [6604C], it commemorated the passing of Queen Mary II (1662 - 1694) who died of smallpox. "The Sprightly Companion" is likely the first oboe tutor in the English language. "Mr. Tollet", the way the composer's name appears in the publication, is probably James Tollett who died in 1696. This edition by Christopher Weait is for three possible instrumentations: Version A for 2 oboes & bassoon; Version B for oboe, English horn and bassoon and Version C for 2 oboes & English horn.